Team Members

Dessire Turner

Dessire is the founder of Good Medicine and our lead massage therapist. After first pursuing a career in Western healthcare, she realized that her true calling was elsewhere. She graduated from the school of Pensacola Massage Therapy and Health Careers with Honors. Her deep passion for helping others led her to continue her education all throughout the United States. She combines her knowledge for a truly unique and therapeutic massage experience. She prides herself on being able to get to know each of her clients to better serve their individual needs. Dessire's goal is to provide a wellness opportunity outside of traditional healthcare.

Brittany Wilson

Brittany found her love for Acupuncture through Equestrian (Horse) Acupuncture. A rodeo horse was able to regain livelihood and continue a healthy career. Drawn in by the prospect of healing her family, Brittany started her journey. She graduated from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in 2019. Brittany continued her education under a practitioner in Pensacola, FL and now holds the recognized title of “Master of Acupuncture”. Brittany also holds a Bachelors degree in Health Science and two associates degrees in Applied Science and Office Administration. The health of her clients is truly a priority. Healing is the ultimate goal whether it is mind, body, or spirit.

Debra Swartzendruber

Debra is our resident Spiritual Healer. Her interest in holistic health started when she was a young girl. During covid she was able to take the time to really dive deep into her passions. She found that the best way to promote healing in the body is by balancing all of the body's systems, and to do this requires symmetry of mind, body and spirit. Debra is a well of knowledge. Her passion is in restoring and maintaining gut health along with hormone balancing. She is often invited to lecture at wellness events and share her knowledge with others. Debra truly believes that education is the first step in positive change. She makes sure her clients leave well informed and ready to take control of their health.

Holly St.Germain

Holly is the sweetest human. She is thoughtful and caring. She has a dash of Mother Nature in her. Holly grew up with a chiropractor in the family and has loved massage since she was a little girl. She finally got a chance to chase her dreams and is making sure to leave her mark. She graduated from Pensacola School of massage therapy and health careers with honors in 2022, she since then has went on to take orthopedic classes to deepen her knowledge of the body. Her motto is to leave things better than when she found them. This absolutely extends to how she massages people. She goes above and beyond to make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in. Holly's attention to detail is superb in the body.

Stacey Martin

Stacey has always had a love for all things beauty, especially skin care. She struggled not only with her own skin but also with her self confidence. Stacey finally said enough is enough and fully dove into correcting her skin. This led her to becoming a licensed aesthetician in 2022. Since then Stacey has gone on receive numerous certifications and trainings. Stacey's goal is to help women (and men) feel better in their skin, learn how to care for their skin type, and help you feel more confident.

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